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Severe Nodulocystic Acne

For patients with severe inflammatory acne that does not improve with medicines such as those described above, a doctor may prescribe isotretinoin (Accutane*), a retinoid. Isotretinoin is an oral drug that is usually taken once or twice a day with food for 15 to 20 weeks. Retinoids increase penetration and reduce comedones, while topical antibiotics… Read More »

Mucinex Fast-Max Severe Congestion & Cough Liquid, 6oz

Mucinex Fast-Max adult severe congestion and cold caplets contain dextromethorphan HBr, cough suppressant; guaifenesin, expectorant; phenylephrine HCl, nasal decongestant. Use to control cough, relieve nasal and chest congestion, and thin and loosen mucus. Fast Acting, Multi-symptom Relief Controls Cough Relieves nasal & chest congestion Thins and loosens mucus Maximum Strenght formula

Neutralyze Moderate to Severe Acne Treatment – Maximum Strength Anti Acne Medication, Face Wash (3.3 Ounce), Clearing Serum (1 Ounce) & Synergyzer (1 Ounce)

Based on our multi-patented, science-inspired NITROGEN BOOST® SKINCARE TECHNOLOGY, Neutralyze® is clinically proven to noticeably improve your moderate to severe acne in just a few days – no prescription needed. Finally, an OTC treatment for moderate to severe acne that REALLY WORKS! STEP 1 – Neutralyze® Face Wash – Rapidly kills acne causing bacteria &… Read More »