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Mucinex Fast-Max Severe Congestion & Cough Liquid, 6oz

Mucinex Fast-Max adult severe congestion and cold caplets contain dextromethorphan HBr, cough suppressant; guaifenesin, expectorant; phenylephrine HCl, nasal decongestant. Use to control cough, relieve nasal and chest congestion, and thin and loosen mucus. Fast Acting, Multi-symptom Relief Controls Cough Relieves nasal & chest congestion Thins and loosens mucus Maximum Strenght formula

Sleep Disorder Pro- Snore Stopper Nasal Vents- Best Anti snoring device- Pack of 4 size- Sleep/Snoring Aids that help you Breathe Right -Provides comfort & relief for your Snoring & Nasal Congestion.

HAPPINESS & HEALTH – Anyone who suffers from nasal congestion, most obstructive sleep disorder or snoring related ailments will know too well the discomfort and misery such conditions cause. Nasal dilators are proven to increase your airflow by as much as 38%. This beats hands down many of the leading medicines that are currently in… Read More »